Linda Levinson the beginning it was the humble hand painted leaf barrette. The inspiration of this particular piece was the laurel leaf crown found in Greek and Roman sculpture.  This barrette was handmade using painted rose leaves found in a craft store.  The leaves were crazy glued to a Goody brand metal barrette.  In 1980, this piece retailed for $12 at various hair salons throughout Chicago. This was the beginning of Linda Levinson Designs. The original leaf barrette was style #HP001. Since then we are up to style HP3336.

Linda Levinson’s  love of antiquities, Victorian turquoise snakes and current design trends are the foundations on which her costume jewelry business was formed.   As a third generation jeweler, Linda possesses an innate design sensibility. Her painstaking attention to even the most minute detail is a trait she inherited from her father. Since 1968, her father, Don Levinson has owned Chicago's premier fine Jewelry store, Trabert and Hoeffer Jewels and her late grandfather, Harry Levinson owned Levinson's Jewels in Chicago until his death in 1991.  

For Linda it was always about the jewelry. In August of 1986 after graduating from Tulane University and without a clue as what to do after college Linda  started her business in the basement of her parent's suburban home.  She chose costume jewelry because it was easier and faster to make than fine jewelry- it was also much less costly to produce. She began with small sample line of hair accessories and earrings. After five years of steady growth (and a move into a Chicago studio space) Linda expanded the hair and jewelry lines into jeweled picture frames and other assorted items for the home.

It has been twenty-eight years since her first hair barrette was sold  to a local salon. Since then jewelry, picture frames and hair accessories by Linda Levinson Designs has been sold in the trendiest, coolest and very best speciality stores and boutiques throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Linda's jewelry has been worn by First Ladies of the United States, brides, movie stars, drag queens, prom queens, drama queens, queen bees, wanna b's, runway models, school teachers, baby-sitters, working girls, sorority girls, mothers and teenagers!   

Each piece is designed by Linda in Chicago.  She then sends her drawings to model makers  in Rhode Island. These craftsmen take the design and carve by hand a wax or metal model.  After the prototype is complete all pieces are  hand cast then plated in Rhode Island and sent back to the Chicago studio for hand setting of stones and finishing. 

We pride ourselves on the unequaled quality of our American made product, excellent customer service and attention to every last detail of our pieces.  We agonize over each stone combination. If there is a combination you want  let us know and we will try our best to make it for you 

Please email at or contact our New York sales representative, Susan and Company  212.502.0960 or for questions.